Ms. Srull

Students in ELA 7 should take the Capitalization 3 Quiz on their Edmodo page.

Students will also be expected to read independently and complete the reading log form they were given in class on Thursday, May 7.  Remember the more boxes you fill out, the more points you will earn.  Writing should be done in complete sentences and revised and edited for errors.   These forms require a parent signature, so they must be completed on the paper form.  (If you lost yours, you may find one to copy in the ELA Student Assignments folder.)

Remember the Electronic Bookshelf Challenge replaces a book report this quarter.  All tests must be passed by May 15.  Full requirements for this assignment may be found in the ELA Student Assignments folder.

You may contact me via school e-mail if you need help or have questions.  I will check messages periodically throughout the weekend.