Mr. Hamilton

7th GRADE SCIENCE                                       Elearning Saturday April 11, 2015

U6 The Cell,  L2 Chemistry of Life

-Conduct research on DNA fingerprinting
-Write an essay that includes this information about DNA fingerprinting:                            
    (REMINDER: an essay is 2-3 paragraphs)    
     1) Description      
     2) Techniques     
     3) History    
     4) Uses
-Create a google doc and share with Mr. Hamilton NLT (no later than) Sunday 04/12/15, 11:59 pm


8th Grade SCIENCE                                                     Elearning Saturday April 18, 2015

U7 Reproduction and Heredity

  • Use the internet to find two different video simulations of the Mitosis process
  • Take notes about each video and make sketches on the process as you watch
  • Compare the strenghts and weaknesses of the two simulations
  • 1) Turn in your notes and sketches Monday before study hall


8th Grade SCIENCE                                                     Elearning Saturday May 09, 2015

U7 Reproduction and Heredity


  • Create an essay to discuss your findings
  • Use a google doc and share with Mr. Hamilton NLT 

Please email any questions about elaearning.

Thanks! Have a great day!
-M Hamilton