Mr. Quimpo’s Middle School Classes

For high school classes, please see my High School E-Learning page.

Period 3♣ BLACK Science 8 

Sat Apr 18: Due Tue Apr 21
1. Dichotomous Key Classification (passed out in class or sent to Gmail account or paper handout pdf)

Sat May 9: Due Tue May 12
1. Goldburger to Go (passed out in school on Tue, Wed, Fri, and Mon or sent to Gmail account or paper handout pdf). The only way for me to know that you have done this activity is by answering the handout questions and turning them in. The game itself, while fun, doesn’t count for points.
2. Blueprint for your own Rube Goldberg machine (20 pt)

Note. I gave you these assignments starting on Tue May 5, knowing that some of you would be on Thursday’s field trip. The assignments will be collected on Tue May 12, which gives you one week. They count not only as an E-Learning assignment, but as your attendance for Saturday. If you don’t turn them in, you will be counted absent for Sat May 9. Last week I sent the assignment to your e-mail account and posted it here online. I’ve also reminded you and handed it out at school every day since except Thursday, which is four different occasions. If you have technical problems or issues, see me on Monday. Please don’t come empty-handed on Tuesday.

Period 4♠ RED Science 7 

Sat Mar 14: Due Mon Mar 16
1. Estimating Pi π from Measured Objects (sent to Gmail account or paper handout pdf)
2. (Optional) Join me online Sat morning on Google Hangouts to celebrate Century Pi Day! (Internet permitting)

Sat Apr 11: Due Mon Apr 13
1. Layers of Time Fossil Game (sent to Gmail account or paper handout pdf)