All 8th grade students participated in Reality Store on October 24th.The Reality Store is an opportunity for students to learn basic skills in financial planning, goal setting, decision-making, and career planning. Students examine their attitudes about their futures and career expectations.

As part of the preparation for Reality Store, students were asked to think ahead to the age of 28. What career will they have? Are they married or single? Do they have children? Are they living in an apartment or purchased a home? What type of vehicle will they drive? How much do they plan to spend on food, clothes, savings, insurance, charitable contributions? What type of luxury items will they have?

At the Reality Store, students took their checkbook register and visited various tables where they had to calculate the deductions. Some of these tables included taxes, housing, utilities, entertainment, etc. Each student was also given a ‘random life event’ card that affected their spending in some way. If the student ran out of money, he or she  had to visit the financial counselor table.

Ask your 8th grader what they learned from Reality Store!

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